Adopt a Pet

The mission of the Adopt a Pet, is to distribute funds raised through it’s Adopt a Shelter Pet license plate program, in Colorado. $30 from the sale of each Adopt a Shelter Pet license plate, will be granted to animal shelters and animal rescues throughout the State of Colorado. It’s primary focus is┬áto support those shelters and rescues who may not customarily have access to much needed funding for spay/neuter programs and other medical expenses. It will also serve to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter and rescue animals.

The funding will initially go to those organizations in under served communities who demonstrate the greatest need. Determination of need will consist of an application process reviewed by the Adopt a Pet Foundation board. Those communities who have limited access to funding, who have an extraordinary burden because of their rural setting and lack of education when it comes to the welfare of adoptable pets, will receive the greatest priority and attention.

It is well known throughout the Colorado animal welfare community which areas in the state often receive the greatest support from the surrounding community. It is the purpose of the Adopt a Pet Foundation, to serve those under represented areas who are currently under funded, under staffed and overwhelmed.

The funds will be used for spaying/neutering, vaccinations and medical supplies, disease prevention, and other services vital to the welfare of domestic pets.